Our Products

Fine Foods Eire brings you exquisite food from the island of Ireland. Hand crafted meat, fish, dairy and preserves are carefully packed and transported worldwide. We promise optimal freshness, product integrity, and presentation perfection. Fine Foods Eire - supplying gourmet food to the global gourmet community.

Products from Ireland include

Superb grass fed dry aged beef and lamb brought to you by gourmet meat producer Donald Russell.

From the crystal clear waters off the Irish coast, we bring you live, fresh, chilled and frozen fish.

We supply live Irish lobster (Homarus Gammarus) and Brown Crab (Cancer Paragus) direct from the Atlantic Ocean to your door. 

It is the taste that has made Kelly Oysters famous the world over. From the West Coast of Ireland they are the very essence of the ocean.

Nurtured in the pure Atlantic waters and fed on organic sustainable seaweed, Abalone Ireland creates the best tasting and most popular type of Abalone in the World.

With their extensive herd of Fresian dairy cattle and goats, Cooleeny Cheeses are the most reputable independent cheese producer in Ireland. Cooleeny also distribute a number of Ireland’s most characteristic Irish Farmhouse Cheeses.

Creamy, natural, probiotic  and low fat yoghurts from Ireland’s most respected producers of dairy produce coming soon.

Creams, clotted creams and creme fraiche are natural indulgence at its best –  great products coming soon.

A superb selection of chilled desserts. Cheesecakes, Mousses and Possets  – All coming soon.

The Scullery represents everything good about Irish produce. Their range of sauces and condiments reflects their passion for home-grown food production excellence. A superb complement for Irish farmhouse cheeses.

From the fresh Atlantic waters comes the freshest of sea-salt. Brought to you by Abalone Ireland, their new range of salt is a superb addition in any kitchen.

Fine Foods Eire’s smoked fish and wild salmon (when in season) is second to none. Biting fresh and full of flavour, our gourmet partners consider Irish smoked salmon and our Irish wild salmon as a global delicacy.