Our Services

Fine Foods Éire has a wealth of experience in the sale and distribution of high quality Irish food. We work with specialist partners to bring you a selection of the world's best produce, and our teams of packing and transportation experts ensure that all products arrive to you in immaculate condition.


Fine Foods Éire work only with the best in the business. We have strategically aligned ourselves with the finest meat (beef/lamb/venison/pork and game), fish, shellfish, and dairy producers in Ireland, and work closely with our partners to create and deliver superior products that suit the tastes and requirements of our international clientele. New partners are carefully screened for quality assurance and product integrity, and, in the pursuit of perfection, we perform ongoing due diligence with all existing partners.


Fine Foods Éire offer a unique consolidation service for buyers that require multiple products from our Irish gourmet food range. You will find our services both friendly and efficient, and we take the time to work closely with you to bring the best of Irish food to your door within a convenient timeframe. Our handling and product sensitive transportation techniques guarantee food excellence every time, and, as experienced producers ourselves, we consistently offer worldwide food partners tried and tested farm-to-fork solutions.

Chilled and Frozen Product

Our consolidation takes place at Kildare Farm Foods, which is located close to Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. We work within chilled, ambient and frozen facilities, and our team provide high-tech packaging services that allow us to contain and prepare chilled and frozen products for worldwide transportation.

Specialist Packaging

We take food preparation very seriously. The transportation of our products requires careful management and control. Our specialised packaging ensures that temperatures are electronically tracked from dispatch, throughout their transportation, to final destination.

Specialist packaging takes place at our HACCP Approved Kildare Farm Foods facility, a reputable state-of-the-art facility that is designed to deal with high-quality, high-value meat and fish products. They prepare to our exacting specifications, a careful process that retains the tenderness, taste, and the appearance of the product.


All food partners strictly adhere to EU quality standards, and all produce supplied by Fine Foods Éire has been accredited by the Irish food board (An Bord Bia).

Fine Foods Éire is a specialist company in the shipment of food products into Islamic marketplaces. Our strong relationship with the Halal Certification Committee in Ireland means that our clients experience little or no delay with shipments, ensuring product integrity and guaranteeing deliveries within agreed timeframes.


Freight excellence is required to deliver exceptional food, and our experienced transportation experts guarantee suitable climate-controlled environments that suit each and every product type we sell. Backed by a team of highly qualified professionals, Fine Foods Eire offer a range of perishable and preserved food transportation services. We ship live, chilled, frozen and preserved products via our specialist network of road and airfreight partners.